ঢাকারবিবার , ৩ মার্চ ২০২৪

There was also a restaurant on the roof of the burnt building on Bailey Road

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মার্চ ৩, ২০২৪ ২:০৭ পূর্বাহ্ণ । ২৫৬ জন
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A famous restaurant was running without permission in the residential building that was burnt in the capital’s Bailey Road. Even though these businesses were not approved, these restaurants were coming up day after day without interruption due to the owner of the building. A small staircase is the only access to the dilapidated building. These glass-enclosed restaurants are like a place of death. In every restaurant, cooking takes place all day long in dozens of ovens with multiple cylinders placed side by side.

Another building near the Green Cozy Cottage that caught fire on Bailey Road is the Golden Palace, a large and famous restaurant.

The fifth floor of the residential building has several business establishments, one next to the other, including a restaurant. The stairs from the ground floor to the fifth floor are quite narrow. Various materials are kept next to the stairs.

There was also a restaurant on the roof of the burnt building on Bailey Road. The owner of the building rents the roof to a restaurant called Ambrosia. Even the building has gas connection through plastic pipes.

It is known that a fire broke out in a shop called Chumuk on the ground floor of Green Cozy Cottage on Thursday night. Shafiqul Islam Limon and Anwarul Haque are the owners of the shop which opened a few days ago.

The building is up to seven floors residential and office, but the restaurant is rented out. Ambrosia restaurant is also specially rented on the roof. So many could not take shelter there after the fire.

Additional IG of DMP. b. Mahid Uddin said, the negligence is at such a level that it is similar to setting fire. With such combustible materials and insecurity, the risk of fire is high.

Former Director General of Fire Service Abu Naeem Md Shahidullah said, the case is so long that the inspector who filed the case today has to go to the court even after retiring as DD (Deputy Director).

A fire broke out at Green Cozy Cottage on Bailey Road in the capital on Thursday (February 29) around 10 pm. 13 units of fire service brought the fire under control in about two hours. 46 people have died in this incident so far.

After the incident, the fire service said that numerous gas cylinders were stored in the entire building. Even the stairs were stocked with cylinders. As a result, the building caught fire as soon as it caught fire.

The building housed several restaurants including Kacchi Bhai, Pizza Inn, Street Oven, Khanas. Apart from this, there were several popular clothing stores including Alien, Closest Cloud.