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MBF is concerned about the detention of four homosexual girls

Shahanur Islam,France
মার্চ ২০, ২০২৪ ৮:৩৯ অপরাহ্ণ । ৩১১ জন
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France JusticeMakers Bangladesh in France (JMBF) is gravely concerned and aggrieved about the recent detention of four lesbian girls in Manikganj and Natore districts by the homophobic public, respectively on March 09 and February 23, 2024, due to expressing their sexual orientation and willingness to get married.

The France-based rights organization, JMBF, considers their detention and handing over to the police by the homophobic public, due to the expression of same-sex relationships and willingness to get married, clear violations of their fundamental human rights and dignity.

JMBF urges the concerned authorities to take immediate action against those homophobic individuals involved in such heinous incidents of interfering with personal lives and privacy.